Golden Dragon Navigator Navigates the High-End Coach Market in UAE


Standing at a historic and geographic crossroads along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and made up diverse nationalities and ethnic groups, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a striking blend of ancient customs and modern technology, of cosmopolitanism and insularity, and of wealth and want. Its port city, Dubai, is one of the region’s most vital commercial and financial centers, housing hundreds of multinational corporations in a forest of skyscrapers. The city is also the world’s leading hub for logistics, trade and re-export.

Renowned for its exotic natural views and luxury hotels, UAE attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. In the post-pandemic era, the country’s tourism industry is bouncing back with unprecedented growth. To meet the fast growing demand for transportation services, bus operators in UAE has placed several major orders so far this year on Navigator, a high-end travel coach developed and manufactured by Golden Dragon.

According to Huang Ji, Deputy General Manager of Golden Dragon Overseas Marketing Company, before the entry of Navigator into the bus market in UAE, the bus maker has visited the local travel agencies many times, surveyed the the local travel routes and talked with local bus drivers. Based on their feedback, Golden Dragon has further optimized some details on Navigator so that the coach could readily adapt to the local working environment and fully meet the stringent requirements from highly selective passengers from all over the world and local bus operators as well. Considering the scorching heat in summer in UAE, Navigator has further improved the air-tightness of its cabin and introduced highly efficient air-conditioning system, creating an extremely comfortable traveling space for passengers. In the meantime, through some effective anti-corrosion measures, the coach has significantly improved its durability and reliability. “In every aspect, our bus & coach products are highly competitive in the global market”, added Huang Ji.

Thanks to the concerted efforts from Golden Dragon and its partners, the luxury travel coach, Navigator, has successfully made major inroads into the UAE’s bus market which was traditionally dominated by some European bus brands. In earlier 2023, Golden Dragon secured an order of five units Navigator from its dealer in UAE. After the arrival of the coaches, they have been working smoothly and thus gained a growing pool of fans, who often makes clear that they prefer to have Navigator as their carrier. An additional order of 30 units Navigator soon after has greatly strengthened Golden Dragon’s presence in UAE. Currently, they mainly shoulders the transportation tasks for high-end tourists, business reception, major conferences, etc.

With a uniquely attractive appearance, Navigator exudes with luxury and advanced technologies in every detail. With excellent NVH, USB portals, entertainment facilities, Wifi services and ergonomically designed seats on board, it provides unparalleled travel comforts for passengers. So far, Navigator has won Good Design Awards in the USA and the Gold Award for Exterior Design in the 24th China Patent Award.

As the bus maker’s flagship coach model, Navigator has already established a visible presence in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tunis, Jordan, Israel, Bahrain, Cote D’lvoire, and Monaco, etc. The coach has also performed phenomenally at several major high-profile events in China, including 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Belt & Road International Forum for Cooperation, the Big Parade to Mark the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People’s Republic of China.

From January to August this year, Golden Dragon’s total export volume of buses & coaches stood at 5,000+ units with a total export revenue of over 4.2 billion RMB, maintaining a three-digit growth year on year. As one of the leading players in the global bus market, Golden Dragon is fully committed to promoting greener and more efficient transportation solutions for its customers across the globe.

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