30 Units 8-Meter Golden Dragon Electric Buses to Start Operation in Bermuda


Thanks to its mysterious nature and its appearance in many science fictions and adventure novels, Bermuda Triangle attracts over 600,000 visitors each year.

Recently, 30 units 8-meter Golden Dragon electric buses, all coated in pinkish white, the unique color for all the local buses in Bermuda, were shipped to Bermuda for operation. As the first batch of electric buses purchased by Bermuda government, Golden Dragon is also the first bus brand from China to make its presence in Bermuda.

According to Golden Dragon, all its electric buses have gone through cathode electrophoresis treatment, thus highly resistant to rust and corrosion. To suit the narrow roads on this island country, the electric buses adopt narrower body structures, further improving their agility and maneuverability. They also have electronically controlled rear-view mirrors, providing wider views for bus drivers and further improving their overall safety standards.

With the driving wheel on the right, Golden Dragon electric bus has a more integrated dashboard and an ergonomically designed seat for bus drivers. In addition, it has a USB portal and wider space for each seat, providing more travel comforts for passengers.

Considering the weather conditions in Bermuda, Golden Dragon electric bus has introduced an advanced air-conditioning system, which is able to cool the bus more efficiently. Due to the high salinity in air on the island country, the bus has highly corrosion-resistant floor.

With air-suspensions, Golden Dragon electric bus can automatically lower the boarding access, further facilitating the boarding and disembarking for passengers. Equipped with batteries produced by CATL, a fully loaded Golden Dragon electric bus is able to drive at least 150 km continuously after being fully recharged.

Currently, Bermuda island has 11 bus routes in operation with each route about 3.2 km in one-way distance. It has also built power recharging posts, which make sure Golden Dragon electric buses are all recharged at night. According to Golden Dragon, its electric bus can get fully recharged within three hours.

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