Golden Dragon Won New Energy Bus of Excellence


 On May 23, New Energy Bus Model Route Forum themed with “My Bus, My City” was held in Beijing. After several rounds of experts assessment, Express Bus B1 Line from Lianyungang was nominated as one of the Model New Energy Bus Routes in China. Golden Dragon XML6125JEVDOC, which is working on the route, was awarded as New Energy Bus of Excellence.

Currently, Lianyungang boasts eight BRT lines with a total operation distance of 238.5 kilometers. Its B1 Line, measuring 34 kilometers in length, connects the west part of the city to the city’s three branch lines, Xinhai New Area and the newly built urban area. It is estimated that the passenger flow on the line exceeds 100,000 people each day.

Since the official operation of B1 Line, it has effectively eased the traffic jams in the city. Moreover, Golden Dragon XML6125JEVDOC electric city bus has become the first choice for local citizens thanks to its operation efficiency and zero-emission standards.

“At first, we are quite concerned about the lifespan and costs of batteries. The continuous driving distance of electric buses and the construction of recharging facilities are also are also our big concerns. However, Golden Dragon’s electric buses with slow recharging mode and fast energy refill have proved very successful”, says the person-in-charge from Lianyungang Haitong Public Transport Company. The vehicle’s recharging pantograph avoids the need for building recharging facilities and requires far less investments. Moreover, its modularized control system gives the vehicle multi-layers of protection. In addition, bus operators can monitor and manage the vehicle in real-time thanks to its CAN.

Measuring 12 meters in length, XML6125JEVDOC is equipped with the state-of-art fast recharging batteries. It is able to drive 210 kilometers continuously. Even with its AC on and the vehicle fully loaded, it is able to drive 90 kilometers continuously.

Compared with fossil fueled buses, electric buses generates less noise and less vibrations. Their zero-emission standards and high maneuverability are what passengers and bus drivers are looking for. XML6125JEVDOC, with its fashionable appearance and neat interior, provides passengers with much better traveling environment.

To promote the green transport in Lianyungang, the city has increased the percentage of clean energy buses and new energy buses to 80%. In the near future, the city will focus on introducing more electric buses, according to Chen Xiuxi, Deputy General Manager of Lianyungang Transport Group.

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